We Believe, Preach, Teach, and Sing,  the Whole Counsel of God, from the KJV Holy Bible, including the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. We think the simplest way to present the simple Truth, can be taken from a Song that Nancy Harmon wrote, which is the Word of God.  At another time, we will apply the Scriptures, which bear out these Truths.   May this song bless you!

Chorus:   I believe in the Cross.  I believe in the Cleansing Blood.  I believe in a hill called Calvary, where Jesus died for you and me. I believe that He lives, that He's coming back again. Every knee shall bow, every tongue confess, this I believe.                

1 - I believe He was born in a manger bed, as the stars shone bright that night. Wise men came to Worship Him, with their gifts of pure delight. I believe He was born of a virgin birth, Miraculous, yet true. I believe this Holy Child grew up to be the Deliverer for me and you.

2 - I believe in His Power to heal the sick, cause the blinded eyes to see. I believe all hell has to lose it's hold, when He sets the demoniac free. I believe that He walked on the roughest sea.  Multiplied food to eat.  I believe that He's given us the Power to use His Name with Authority.